McDonalds: A good place to have a culture shock

I’ve never experienced a big culture shock. Probably because I’ve never been to Europe or South America. In fact, I’ve only been to the U.S . As it’s really close from Victoria and I only spend there a week usually, I don’t feel that the cultures are very different. Although, there was this time when I went to McDonalds here in Cd. victoria with my mom and sister, where I had to deal with this language situation. It was a warm day in christmas vacations. We arrived and outside the restaurant there was a big bus parked. It seemed to me like a touristic bus, but I didn’t have time to speculate about what kind of tourist where travelling on the bus. When we opened the door to enter we inmediately saw a long line of retired men and women waiting to order. It was weird at first, but we just got behind them on line and waited. As it was taking too much time my mom went to the beggining of the line too see what was happening. She saw the manager of McDonalds trying to take the order of a couple of tourists but it seemed like he wasn’t understanding a word they were saying. My mom recognized the man. He had been her student few years ago. He looked very nervous because the tourist were getting angry. So, my mom asked me to help him with the orders, but I didn’t want to. I was really nervous. I remember thinking: “What if they’re not able to understand my accent?”  and “What if I can’t understand theirs?”.So I told her no. But I was really hungry and I finally accepted.  So, I went with my knees feeling weak to the beggining of the line and stuttered to the old couple “Can I help you?”. They look at me as if I was water in the middle of a desert and asked me to help them. I traslated the order for all of them, but the curious thing was that most of them wanted to order by themselves. They would tell what they wanted, I would tell them how to say it in spanish and they would tell the cashier. They were really nice people. Later, i found out they were from Canada and the U.S and they were travelling here because the states where they came from were very cold.

At the end, I felt really proud of myself for being able to help this people and happy that I decided to do it even though I felt nervous at first. I was memorable.

One thought on “McDonalds: A good place to have a culture shock

  1. Wow! Very impressive Aranxta!

    It´s nice that you were able to help all those people. Congratulations! I guess we should learn from your experience that we should all try to do things for ourselves.

    In terms of your writing I would recommend you to try to separate your writing in paragraphs. It gives more organization to your work.

    Thanks for posting!

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