Criminals: Are they born or created?

In this post I’m going to give my opinion  about how people turn into criminals. A lot of people consider that criminals, such as serial killers, rapers or terrosists are born with specific genes that make them particulary vulnerable to commit crimes. Investigations have been done to try to prove this kind of statements, but nothing has been proved yet.

In my personal opinion,criminals are created. There’s many factors that contribute to make a person become a criminal. For me the number one reason would be experiences in their childhood. When a kid experiences let’s say extreme poverty or humilliations, they may not forget this events. Criminals are the living proof that “time CAN’T heal everything”. They may try to relieve their frustration with other people (or in some cases, with the same ones that hurted them).  One  of the theories that tries to explain criminals behavior is that they do this murders or rapings because they actually enjoy it. In other words, they feel pleasure while commiting crimes. Like they suffer from a mental disease. However, there’s also people  who do it as a revenge.

For example, some of them look for people with certain features to kill. This are called serial killers. One of  the most famous one is Jack The Ripper in London. Jack only killed prostitutes. Other murderers may choose it’s victims because they remind them of an old bully in high school or someone that hurted them when they were young. Another example could be rapers. It’s sad, but most rapers were raped themselves.

For all these reasons I think that criminals are created by their own context. Their teen years and childhood mark their lives causing traumas which may affect their future behavior.

One thought on “Criminals: Are they born or created?

  1. Wow Arantxa!

    I am very impressed with your work! You write very nicely and formally.

    If I were you I would separate the body of your writing into two paragraphs: one paragraph in which you talk about childhood and another you focus on rapers. This would make your writing easier to understand.

    Let me know if you have doubts. 🙂

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