Pilates :)

Pilates is a method that takes its name from its foundator, Joseph Pilates. This excercise was first used as a treatment for sick people or people who were in a recovery process. In fact, Joseph Pilates created this technique because, as a child, he used to get sick all the time.

Pilates has several principles. The first one says that all the strenght used while doing the exercises, comes from your abs. In pilates, the abdominal section of your body is called “power house”. Even when raising your leg or arm, the streght should come from here. This is why you should always contract it. The second principle talks about the right breathing. We should never forget to breathe while exercising, breath in to get ready to make a big effort and breath out while you’re doing it. The right breathing is basic in every exercise but pilates takes it really seriously. While you’re on a pilates class, the instructor is telling you all the time when to breath. The third principle is concentration. The theory of pilates is that it is better to do 10 abdominals slowly and concentrated, than 100 fast and not focusing on what you’re doing. You need to be concious of every muscle, this way the results will be better.

I have practiced pilates since I was 10 and I really thank my mom for taking me to my first pilates class. At first, I didn’t like. I thought it was boring, because pilates is a method, so it can be really repetitive sometimes. But now I thank my mom because, it has help me a lot to develop other habilities of mine. I still practice it and I’m actually thinking on getting certified as a pilates teacher.

Four more years

Yesterday (November 6th, 2012), the ultimate elections took place in the United States. Mitt Romney and president  Barack Obama ran for the presidence of the most powerful country in the world. Before every American submitted his/her vote, a technical tie was found both contendants. After a lot of tension, the results were communicated.

“Four more years” tweeted the reelected president Barack Obama. In my personal point of view, Americans took the best decision by reelecting Barack Obama. First of all, I didn’t quite like his oponent’s way of thinking and acting. Romney didn’t support inmigrants (including latinos) while his father was born in Mexico. Futhermore, he still has relatives living here. He is also against gay marriages, and we all know that the gay community is huge in the U.S. The republican was also critized because of his constant change of opinion in different topics such as abortion.

However, I am concious that Obama has had mistakes during his period as president. He hasn’t been able to obtain approval to a reform to inmigration laws in the U.S.

Finally, I think that Obama was really lucky to win the elections. However, this means that he has a lot of work to do to prove that he really deserved to win.

Should we celebrate Halloween?

So, today is October the 31st, in other words today is Halloween. There is a lot of controversia about this topic. Some people believe that us as catholics, should not celebrate this day. This would mean no costume parties, no trick or treat, no scary movies marathons, etc. There are many opinions about this topic, but I’ll try to explain my own.

To be honest, I’m not really into costume parties, as I don’t enjoy a lot wearing costumes. However, I got interested in the topic and I investigated a little about it. As far as I know, Halloween is not well seen in the Church’s eyes because of its roots. It is believed that the Celtics (ancient culture) were a satanic group that started in New England and used this day to praise the devil. Truth is, we will never ever know the real story of how Halloween actually started but nowadays is more a commercial celebration than a satanic celebration. People dress up and go trick or treat because that’s what their culture has shown them is the right thing to do on that day or the way is done. Period. I don’t think, people in the U.S, for example, is actually conscious about what this day means. It’s part of their culture as a country, like thanksgiving or the 4th of july. In the other hand, here in Mexico we celebrate The Day of the Death. This is also part of our culture, maybe for other cultures, what we know or believe on doesn’t make a lot of sense, but those are our beliefs and nobody should judge them. Just as we shouldn’t  judge Halloween.

To conclude,  for me it’s just a costume party, a way to have fun. As long as you are completely sure of what you believe on, you shouldn’t avoid this celebrations. But you should also keep in mind that if you’re celebrating another’s country tradition, you should also celebrate your own.


I think popularity nowadays is an overrated concept. People consider others “popular” if they do or have specific things. For example, if someone has a car is like automatically popular. Or maybe if you have lots of friends.

First or all, in my opinion, there’s two kinds of popular people: celebrities and common “popular” people. Talking about celebrities, I think being popular or famous is something positive. I can think now of Leonardo DiCaprio. He is a (very) famous, rich (and sexy) actor and he uses his fame to help good causes. Leonardo has a foundation that helps the environment and that’s something that brings benefits to everybody.

In my personal case, I don’t clasify people in: popular/not popular. I think that is basically on people’s mind. So, we can see these situations more clearly on tv series or movies. There’s one in particular I like. It’s called “Mean Girls”. In this movie, we can see how Cady (the new/home-schooled girl) changes into a completely different person when she started to hang out with the popular girls. Popularity changed her. You can learn a lot from this movie. I assure you, it’s not just another chick flick.

Finally, I consider popularity in the present, is based on unmoral and superfitial things. For example, people who drink, smoke, have the best car, wear designer clothes or treat other in a bad way. All thses people are consider “popular” or cool.  I personally don’t agree with this. If you’re popular/famous, try to use your popularity in a good way. Remember it doesn’t last forever.


I don’t know a lot about relationship. I’ve just been in one in all my life. And I’m still in it. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year now and we’re very happy.
I think to be able to have a long-lasting relationship you need to be not only lovers but best friends too. It may sound a little cliché, but in my personal opinion it is true. Why? Because, you trust your best friend. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind or tell them when you don’t like something. You know they won’t judge you. And THAT is really important when it comes to having a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Another thing I consider basic in every relationship is respect and understanding. Of course there’s going to be times when you fight. It happens to everyone, even to best friends. But if you really love each other, you’ll get through it and you’ll learn to work things out.
Personally, I used to have this “list” of things I’d like my perfect boyfriend to be. I looked for someone tall, handsome,smart, ambicious, lovely, respectful, kind, funny but serious at the same time, etc. Now, I’ve come to realize this lists we have in our heads are useless. When the right person comes to your life, you’re not going to stop and consider your list. you’ll just know.

Research shows TRUST is the key to a successful marriage

New investigations about people’s personality and relationships showed that, if there’s one key to a successful marriage that’d be TRUST.

Recent studies have shown that the main cause of divorce in Mexico nowadays is cheating. This almost always happen between couples that are really possessive with each other. They usually don’t let their partner relate with others because of their LACK OF TRUST between them.

We interviewed a physocologist to discuss about these topic and she said: “Its really important to trust your partner so that they feel comfortable with you. When you are in a relationship, you need to feel your husband/wife love but also trust”.

These may also apply to long distance relationships.

Finally, we can say that in order to have a long-lasting and productive relationship/marriage you should always trust your partner. Give them FREEDOM to enjoy their life and you’ll succed.


Advertising is really inportant when it comes to selling techniques. Companies nowadays make huge invertions on publicity and I think they’re being really smart. If you want to sell soemthing (product, service or even an idea) you MUST have good advertisement.
For me (and I think for everybody) the most effective ads are tv commercials. Why? Well first of all when you are watching tv all your attention’s on the tv, that’s why you turned it on, because you want to watch it. On the other side, when you are surfing the net the last thing you want are those annoying pop-up ads. I think we all agree on that. These is totally normal because when were on our laptops we’re usually doing something that requires our attention on that specific activity like homework, watching videos or even chatting.
Furthermore, tv commercials are almost always funny and they make you remember it without having to watch it a lot.
Now, why do we remember commercials? As I wrote before, they’re usually funny. But there’s another relevant aspect are jingles. Any big company has one or at least a slogan. These may sound stupid at first. But hasn’t it happen to you when you have the tv on and you’re looking somewhere else and suddenly you hear a familiar music and By this time you already know what product/commercial is on the tv? And here is when you realized that the jingles or songs on the commercials work.

Finally, as my personal conclusion, tv commercials are the best ads. Mainly because of the jingles they have that make them catchy and memorable.

McDonalds: A good place to have a culture shock

I’ve never experienced a big culture shock. Probably because I’ve never been to Europe or South America. In fact, I’ve only been to the U.S . As it’s really close from Victoria and I only spend there a week usually, I don’t feel that the cultures are very different. Although, there was this time when I went to McDonalds here in Cd. victoria with my mom and sister, where I had to deal with this language situation. It was a warm day in christmas vacations. We arrived and outside the restaurant there was a big bus parked. It seemed to me like a touristic bus, but I didn’t have time to speculate about what kind of tourist where travelling on the bus. When we opened the door to enter we inmediately saw a long line of retired men and women waiting to order. It was weird at first, but we just got behind them on line and waited. As it was taking too much time my mom went to the beggining of the line too see what was happening. She saw the manager of McDonalds trying to take the order of a couple of tourists but it seemed like he wasn’t understanding a word they were saying. My mom recognized the man. He had been her student few years ago. He looked very nervous because the tourist were getting angry. So, my mom asked me to help him with the orders, but I didn’t want to. I was really nervous. I remember thinking: “What if they’re not able to understand my accent?”  and “What if I can’t understand theirs?”.So I told her no. But I was really hungry and I finally accepted.  So, I went with my knees feeling weak to the beggining of the line and stuttered to the old couple “Can I help you?”. They look at me as if I was water in the middle of a desert and asked me to help them. I traslated the order for all of them, but the curious thing was that most of them wanted to order by themselves. They would tell what they wanted, I would tell them how to say it in spanish and they would tell the cashier. They were really nice people. Later, i found out they were from Canada and the U.S and they were travelling here because the states where they came from were very cold.

At the end, I felt really proud of myself for being able to help this people and happy that I decided to do it even though I felt nervous at first. I was memorable.

Teachers in my life

I’ve had many teacher in my life but I can say that there’s 2 who I particulary love and admire. Both of them have showed me they care about me and have faith in me. But first of all, I want to say what’s a teacher for me. A teacher its a person that dedicates their life to share their wisdom to others, love their students, are proud of them and believe in them.

 The first one is called teacher Rocio. She was teacher in first, second and fourth grade of elementary school. I remember her as a happy, mature and lovely person. She always had faith in me and I haven’t forgotten most of the things she taught me. She was great and I love her. One thing I remember  a lot about her was she used to call her students “chaparros” (no matter how tall we were). I can’t remember an exact experience with her, but through the 3 years she taught me and the 10 years I have known her, I  can tell she is my favorite (woman) teacher. I saw reciently and I was sitted down at my old school with my old friends. She covered my eyes and when I saw it was her, it was like I was a little girl again.

The second teacher I love with all my heart is techer Wong. He’s been my math teacher since second grade of middle school. He is short, well at least for me. He has black hair and black mustache. He has showed me that he believes in my capacity to learn fast and to remember what I learn as well. The other day he took me out of the classroom and later I asked him “teacher do you still love me?” and he said “of course I do, just stop talking with your friends”. He’s lovely. I have never ever gotten mad at him. Not once. He has an extremely nice personality and he’s really really smart. I have seriously think about what am I going to do in college when he’s not going to be my math teacher anymore. And I have no idea. I think he’s also the reason why I love math so much. I will always remember him.

This both teahers have stayed on my mind (and heart) and I think they’ll always be here.

Criminals: Are they born or created?

In this post I’m going to give my opinion  about how people turn into criminals. A lot of people consider that criminals, such as serial killers, rapers or terrosists are born with specific genes that make them particulary vulnerable to commit crimes. Investigations have been done to try to prove this kind of statements, but nothing has been proved yet.

In my personal opinion,criminals are created. There’s many factors that contribute to make a person become a criminal. For me the number one reason would be experiences in their childhood. When a kid experiences let’s say extreme poverty or humilliations, they may not forget this events. Criminals are the living proof that “time CAN’T heal everything”. They may try to relieve their frustration with other people (or in some cases, with the same ones that hurted them).  One  of the theories that tries to explain criminals behavior is that they do this murders or rapings because they actually enjoy it. In other words, they feel pleasure while commiting crimes. Like they suffer from a mental disease. However, there’s also people  who do it as a revenge.

For example, some of them look for people with certain features to kill. This are called serial killers. One of  the most famous one is Jack The Ripper in London. Jack only killed prostitutes. Other murderers may choose it’s victims because they remind them of an old bully in high school or someone that hurted them when they were young. Another example could be rapers. It’s sad, but most rapers were raped themselves.

For all these reasons I think that criminals are created by their own context. Their teen years and childhood mark their lives causing traumas which may affect their future behavior.